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UvA Alumni Search Team

The University of Amsterdam likes to stay in touch with its alumni. This works well with many, but there is also a significant group which we do not have much contact with. We have only a postal address for some of our alumni and just an email address for others. There are even some for whom we have no contact details at all.

These are the alumni that the UvA Alumni Search Team is looking for!

UvA Alumni zoekteam 2018

Why stay in touch with the UvA?

If we have your contact details, we can keep you updated with developments regarding education and research and the opportunities for lifelong learning. You will receive the digitial newsletter UvA Alumni News six times a year. This newsletter will keep you informed about international chapter events and other news from the UvA. If you live in the Netherlands and become a member of the AUV, you could benefit from all the advantages offered by the alumni network.

Do you want to renew your involvement or become more involved with the UvA? We would be happy to hear from you!


Are you still in touch with former fellow students of the UvA? Help the Alumni Search Team by asking them if they receive UvA-Alumni News. If they do not, they can provide their contact details using the above link.

Alumni Search Team