Sunil Jhamb

He received an MBA from the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam. He now lives and works in two different countries: India and the Netherlands, which gives him an in-depth understanding in working effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Sunil Jhamb

Sunil Jhamb

Why did you choose to study at the University of Amsterdam?

I was intrigued by the notion of studying at one of the prestigious and oldest universities in the world, hence went for one of the MBA information meetings at UvA. The decision to study at UvA was very easy after I learned about the MBA program and its competitive fee structure. Also, the location was ideal for me to come to the classes after my work.

How do you look back on your time at the University of Amsterdam?

I learned a lot and was able to test the theory directly into practice at my work. It was a wonderful experience studying and interacting with a diverse group of International students. I found myself feeling rejuvenated after most of the lectures as they would fulfil my appetite for knowledge. It also brought a great deal of discipline in planning things for myself.

What was your living situation like in Amsterdam?

I lived and worked in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very pleasant city to live in. It has everything that a student or a young professional would need. The quintessential Dutch architecture, the museums, great international restaurants and the picturesque canals give a great inspiration. I found Amsterdam to be Europe's melting pot!

Sunil Jhamb

Sunil Jhamb at his graduation

Who was your favourite teacher / professor and why?   

Alexander Rinnooy Kan. He taught with passion and gave a lot of insights from the corporate world, which helped me in my management role.

What did you do after you graduated?

I went looking for a more challenging job after my graduation.

What is your current job?

Currently, I'm the CEO of Newgen payments. It's an online payments and eCommerce solutions company that I founded last year. Our platform lets merchants create an online presence without any technical know-how. Merchants can have a website built to their specifications and list their products all without having to worry about the payment methods or shipping companies. 

For my work I travel between India and Netherlands every month. I spend three weeks in India and one week with my family in Amsterdam. It also gives me the opportunity to stay connected with my friends and former colleagues in Netherlands as we plan to expand our business in Europe and America in the near future. As of July, one of my MBA classmates will be joining my company as a Chief Operating Officer in managing companies' operations and executing expansion plans. 

Did your education benefit your work?

My education has definitely made a positive contribution to my work and career. My MBA gave me the confidence to actually start my own business. It was very instrumental in finding and convincing investors to invest in my company.

Do you have any special message you would like to add? 

If you think you are an entrepreneur at heart then go for an MBA.

Sunil Jhamb - 1973

2009      MBA Finance & Marketing, University of Amsterdam

2009      Real Estate Financials & Markets, New York University

2003      Film Production & Direction, New York Film Academy

1995      BA Liberal Arts, Delhi University

2014 - present  CEO Newgen payments 

2010 - 2013      Director Global Planning & Strategy at GlobalCollect, Hoofddorp

2007 - 2010      Process Integration Manager - Europe at ProLogis, Amsterdam 

2004 - 2006      Management & Business Consultant at Janvi Productions, Mumbai

2003 - 2004      Executive Producer & Director of Just Indian (Independent Feature Film), New York 

2000 - 2004      Sr. Analyst/Auditor at IPRO, New York

1996 - 2000      Sales Manager at Jimsons Novelties, New York 

Published by  Bureau Alumnirelaties en Universiteitsfonds

8 May 2015