Parika Ganeriwal

Received the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

A prestigious new scholarship programme has recently been launched targeting exceptionally talented Master’s students from outside Europe. The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) is a full scholarship of €25,000, covering tuition and living expenses for one academic year.

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Parika Ganeriwal – 1985 
Nationality: Indian 
Master European and International Labour Law

Parika Ganeriwal



After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I worked in a law firm in India for five years, where we regularly had to field questions from many European clients about their own legal system. My knowledge of the European legal system, however, was reasonably limited  because it belongs to a different body of law. India uses the commonwealth system, with legislation and judge-based law, whereas continental European countries use the civil law system, which relies mostly on legislation. I didn’t want to hampered by my lack of knowledge, but instead wanted to learn as much as possible about it.


I chose the UvA because it offers the Master’s in European and International Employment Law. There are only two universities in the world that offer this specialised degree: one is the UvA and the other is the University of Sydney. And since Australia has a commonwealth system like India, I decided to opt for the UvA. I decided to take up the challenge of learning about a different law system, and not limit myself to the one I am already familiar with. I am the only Indian student that the UvA’s Law Faculty has had so far!


Receiving the scholarship definitely boosts your self-confidence and motivates you to  do your utmost best.


As opposed to India, where my family is always on hand to help, I’ve had to learn to be self-reliant. As a resident of Amsterdam, I am always discovering new things and expanding my own horizons. I always feel proud when I cycle across the city – sometimes in the pouring rain – and eventually manage to reach my destination all by myself. People in Amsterdam are extremely friendly, and are always willing to help strangers. Also important: almost everyone can speak English, which is great, especially when you’re shopping.


When my programme ends in August 2015 I plan to look for work in Europe, where I can apply the knowledge that I have acquired. I would like to work at an organisation which focuses on international labour law. 

Published by  Bureau Alumnirelaties en Universiteitsfonds

12 December 2018