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  • Lionel Newman

    Lionel Newman

    What is it like to recieve the prestigious Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship? Lionel Newman tells us about his experiences at the University of Amsterdam.

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  • Ugur Ungor

    Ugur Ümit Üngör

    What is it like to examine mass murder and genocide? And what do episodes of mass violence such as the Rwandan Genocide tell us about the human propensity for bloodshed?

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  • -

    Philipp Koellinger

    Are our traits and behavioural predispositions the result of genetic hardwiring, or are we simply products of our environment?

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  • Prof Mark Deuze, professor Media Studies, Journalism

    Mark Deuze

    Is journalism dead? By no means, says Mark Deuze, professor of Media Studies. According to Deuze, the changing journalism landscape might be in flux, but is also alive and kicking.

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  • B. Kalir

    Barak Kalir

    Illegal immigration dominates the political agenda of many developed and developing countries. Nevertheless, despite huge sums being invested in identifying, tracking down and deporting undocumented migrants, illegal immigration continues to ...

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  • Prof Klaas Hellingwerf

    Klaas Hellingwerf

    According to two of the UvA’s brightest minds, a simple prokaryotic microorganism might be the answer to one of the world’s most complex issues.

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  • Deborah Herwald

    Deborah Herwald

    Having lived in the Netherlands for more than a quarter century, I moved to Berlin two years ago. Despite having grown up in Germany, going back isn't exactly easy.

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  • Kristie Tien

    Kristie Tien

    I often think back to my student days in Amsterdam. Walking across the beautiful inner square of Oudemanhuispoort with my legal texts, past the book market and along the canals towards Spui.

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  • Matthijs van Veelen

    Matthijs van Veelen

    ‘What, in evolutionary terms, do we have to gain from cooperating with one another? Why should something such as altruism exist?’

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  • Khalil Sima'an

    Khalil Sima'an

    Machine translations often leave much to be desired. Khalil Sima'an works on developing a self-learning translation machine that is able to preserve the original meaning of a text.

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