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Alumni Services

Stay involved, join in and contribute

The UvA is keen to stay in touch with students after they graduate. Why? Because the relationship between alumni and the University can be mutually beneficial. You’re part of a fantastic, global network of people with a wealth of expertise and experience. You can benefit from that, and contribute to it yourself too.

What is an alumnus?

The Latin term alumnus (plural: alumni) is used worldwide to describe a graduate from a higher education institution. This video elaborates on the notion of and benefits for alumni.

Anyone who holds a recognised diploma or degree from the University of Amsterdam (with the exception of the propaedeutic year diploma), is an alumnus (if male) or alumna (if female). The UvA Development & Alumni Relations Office organises a range of activities and services for more than 200,000 registered UvA alumni. If we have the right contact details for you, we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date.

Why stay involved?

Alumni from the UvA have two things in common: they decided to pursue an academic degree programme and they chose to do it at the UvA. It’s worth nurturing these common bonds, just as you do the friends you made as a student. The network will keep you up to date on news and activities of interest to alumni, and on all sorts of academic and professional learning opportunities. It will also help you stay in touch with former classmates and lecturers.

How to join in?

As an alumnus in the Netherlands, you can participate in the activities organised by the Development & Alumni Relations Office, such as the annual University Day. If you join the Amsterdam University Association (AUV), you can participate in even more activities and get discounts with the AUV card. For international alumni, local events are organised overseas. We'll keep you informed of these through our website and social media – which you can use to share information yourself too.

How to contribute?

You can contribute in many different ways. You can give feedback on your degree programme and how well it prepared you for your chosen career. You can share your expertise by giving a guest lecture or participating in the University Day or another academic event. You may be able to offer an internship to a student, or give a fellow alumnus a job lead or an actual job. You can also make a financial contribution. Donations made to the Amsterdam University Fund help to fund student travel grants and support our academic heritage. This is a way to play a part in supporting the current generation of students and researchers.

Recent graduate?

Did you graduate recently at the University of Amsterdam? Take a look at a short overview of services that we provide for recent graduates.

How to stay in touch

The Development & Alumni Relations Office holds the details of more than 200,000 alumni. Go to our contact section for more information.