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Staff project grants

Researchers and other UvA staff are eligible to apply for grants for both academic and non-academic projects.

Grants may be available for projects that support academic practice, academic/cultural heritage, and student life. Projects must have a direct link to the UvA and not qualify for other common forms of financial support. Grants awarded from the University Fund may not be used to cover staffing costs. 


The following deadlines apply to applications for a grant:

  • 1 March (project start between 1 May and 31 July);
  • 1 June (project start between 1 August and 31 October);
  • 15 September (project start between 1 November and 31 January);
  • November 1 (project start between February 1 and April 30).

How to apply? Checklist for staff project grant applications

Applications will only be considered if they include all of the required information. Please ensure your application form is fully completed and includes all the required attachments. Please send these attachments as PDF. 

Applications must include:

  • a covering letter justifying the expenditure (no more than one side of A4), describing how the project will benefit academic research and/or teaching at the UvA and/or its students, and what the requested sum will be spent on specifically (e.g. 15 instruments costing €500 each, or the digitisation of four collections);
  • a detailed project description (no more than two sides of A4);
  • a letter of recommendation for the project from the dean;
  • a letter from the institute director that shows that the research is embedded in the faculty;
  • a complete budget and financial plan, including an overview of all expenses and income (such as research costs, staffing costs, donations applied for and/or awarded, grants or sponsorship from other foundations, faculties, companies, etc.);
  • a resume of the applicant, including a track record of past performance (no more than two sides of A4);
  • if it is a request for medical research a statement of approval from the Medical Ethics Committee of the AMC should be attached and a summary of the research protocol (no more than two sides of A4).


If you have any questions about project grants, please direct them to the Amsterdam Univerity Fund:

T:+31 (0)20 525 2138

Submit your application