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Travel grant

As a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, you are eligible to receive a one-off grant to fund a trip abroad. These grants exist thanks to the support of Amsterdam University Fund donors.

The trip must be related to or contribute to your PhD research. The grant can be used for different purposes such as attending a conference or doing research in another country.

Supplementary contribution

The travel grants are not intended to cover all your costs; rather, they are a supplementary contribution. The level of the grant depends on the destination and length of stay. The following amounts apply.

Duration and destination  < 3 months  > 3 months
Europe € 450 € 550
Outside Europe € 700 € 900

The Amsterdam University Fund will pay the travel grant once you have submitted a report of your trip. We would appreciate it if you could provide a few digital photos. 

How to apply?

Strict deadlines apply to applications for travel grants. Applications must be received by the deadline even if you're not certain whether the trip will go ahead.

  • 1 March (for departures between 1 May and 31 July);
  • 1 June (for departures between 1 Augustus and 31 October);
  • 15 September (for departures between 1 November and 31 January);
  • 1 November (for departures between 1 February and 30 April).

Checklist for PhD candidate travel grant applications

Applications will only be considered if they include all of the required information. Please ensure your application form is fully completed and includes all the required attachments. Please send these attachments as PDF. 

Applications must include:

  • a covering letter, explaining the added value and purpose of the trip;
  • a recent CV;
  • a description of the research project;
  • a personal letter of recommendation or an email written specifically for the applicant from the promotor. The letter needs to be signed and printed on UvA paper. In case of an email it has to be clear that the email has been sent  from the email address of the promotor;
  • an itemised budget (download) in which you make clear that (part of) your research budget will be used to fund the trip;
  • Confirmation of Admission from the overseas university, if applicable.
  • ​Confirmation of acceptance / invitation to the conference (eg. with poster presentation), if applicable.

Submit your application


Your trip report needs to cover the following topics:

  • purpose of the trip (research/presentation);
  • academic added value of the trip;
  • academic contacts made (researchers, collegues students, etc.);
  • did the trip achieve its objectives?;
  • any follow-up planned; what will your findings be used for (final paper, published work, follow-up research, etc.)?;
  • The report can be up to two sides of A4 or 1,000 words. 

We would be interested in receiving a few digital photos of your trip. The pictures show you as a recipient of the travel grant. Please provide the photos as high-resolution jpg files (larger than 1MB in size). We will always ask you for permission first if we plan to use one of your photos for our website, online newsletter or other publications. We will not be able to reimburse you for the use of any photos.

You should submit your report, with your photos as separate jpg files, within three weeks of your return home, and include your name, address and phone number. Please send them to: