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Why contribute?

The University of Amsterdam has a rich history and a reputation to be proud of. It also has a tradition of generous private donors whose contributions enable the University to invest in additional scientific and student facilities. Donors play a vital role in ensuring the University of Amsterdam is and remains an inspiring environment where students and researchers can reach their full potential.

As one of Europe's large comprehensive universities, the UvA is in the international vanguard of research in many fields. Its study programmes span all disciplines and welcome students and staff members from all backgrounds, cultures and faiths. Here, they are given full scope to invest their talents in the development and transfer of science and scholarship, contributing to a rich cultural resource and laying the foundation for long-term progress. Strongly committed to the city of Amsterdam and the society of which it is part, the UvA stands for independence, creativity, an international perspective and a critical yet open mindset.

A sizeable share of the UvA's funding for academic research and education comes from the Dutch government. However, this does not cover all of the University's needs, and contributions from other parties, including private donors, form an essential source of additional financing. The Amsterdam University Fund works to attract funding for new initiatives in several key areas:

  • research: past projects include contributions to a AMC-UvA health trial and the purchase of a heliostat (solar telescope); 
  • academic cultural heritage: the restoration, conservation, digitisation and accessioning of special collections, books and objects such as the Allard Pierson Museum's collection of plaster cast statues, the monumental 'Atlas of the Netherlands' and the 'Bibliotheca Zoologica' collection; 
  • study and travel grants: for individual students to fund a period abroad for the purpose of study and general development, and for groups travelling abroad as part of a study programme; 
  • student facilities: for extracurricular activities such as a climbing wall and boulder for the University Sports Centre, a piano lift for CREA and support for the UvA Sweelinck student orchestra.

Donating to specific projects

We welcome donations in any amount. Your gift to the Annual Fund supports projects in the four above categories, which vary from year to year. Alternatively, if you would like your gift to be used for a specific academic purpose, you can make a special-purpose donation or establish a named endowment fund under a name of your choosing.

Making a donation

Donations can be made in the form of a single lump sum, periodically over a longer term or as a bequest to the Amsterdam University Fund. The Amsterdam University Fund is a recognised charity, which means that your donation may entitle you to a tax deduction.