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Special grant for PhD candidate

‘Inspiring Generations’ is the theme of the five year anniversary of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This year the UvA celebrates 385 years of outstanding academic research and education. Because of this memorable occasion the University and the Amsterdam University Fund have set up a special grant for a new generation of young and talented researchers.

Researchers work in an international environment, so it is vital for them to be able to gain international experience. The UvA encourages its PhD candidates to take a course or do part of their research at a university in another country. But studying abroad is expensive and the PhD candidates’ budgets are often small and their own funds limited.

This year, we have received over 90 applications, out of which 22 PhD candidates have been awarded grants. To continue offering support to PhD candidates who have insufficient funds to acquire international experience, we kindly ask for your help. By making a donation you are helping us to continue this initiative – even after this anniversary year is over.

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PhD candidates who have been awarded a UvA385 grant

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