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About the Fund

The Amsterdam University Fund (Stichting Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds) is a joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

The Fund operates as an independent foundation and is a recognised charity. Donations made to the Amsterdam University Fund are allocated in accordance with donors' wishes, with the gift donated going entirely to the designated beneficiary.


The Amsterdam University Fund provides support for special academic and student facilities that cannot be covered by government funding alone. Through this Fund, alumni and friends of the UvA can contribute to strengthening the University, upholding its unique character and academic traditions and ensuring it remains a rich breeding ground for exploration and new ideas.


All of the Amsterdam University Fund's activities are keyed to promoting the interests of the University and of the people who share in those interests. Those activities include managing existing funds and actively raising new funds, in part through its annual campaign. The foundation provides financial support to activities organised within the UvA and at its allied institutions. Such financial support takes the form of various grants, including travel grants, scholarships, fellowships and stipends, interest-free advances, loans and guarantees, and the institution and maintenance of departmental chairs and the institution of awards.

Annual Report 2018

Thanks to gifts from individuals, the past year has seen support to the tune of over €1.6 million to special projects and initiatives of students and staff of the University of Amsterdam.

Annual Report Amsterdam University Fund (download PDF)


The Amsterdam University Fund is an independent legal entity with an unsalaried board. The Board's core activities consist in managing the assets entrusted to it, assessing grant requests and disbursing grants and scholarships for education, research, student activities and special projects at the UvA. In addition, the Board is charged with raising money for specific projects and for generating new funds. The director of the Amsterdam University Fund is responsible for day-to-day management.

Board members

  • Ms M.M. Ulrici LLM, Board chair Nauta Dutilh (chair)
  • Ms A. Vermeer-Janse RA, controller at Atria Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History (treasurer)
  • Prof. L.J. Gunning-Schepers, University Professor Health and Society
  • Prof. J.C. Kennedy, dean of Utrecht University College 
  • Mr J. Six MA
  • Prof. W.J. Stiekema, Emeritus Professor Bio-informatics (SILS)


The tradition of support for science and scholarship at the UvA goes back to 1632 and its precursor, the Athenaeum Illustre. In that year, Amsterdam's merchants and tradesmen joined forces to establish an academic institution in their city – a place where their children could receive academic training, that would provide an impetus for regional trade and that would contribute to the general welfare of all citizens. Spurred by a firm faith in the power of higher education, they gathered donations and raised the funds needed.  

The Amsterdam University Fund traces its roots back to a massive fund-raising campaign initiated in 1889 to finance the construction of the UvA's former auditorium in Oudemanhuispoort. Having raised above and beyond what was needed for the project, the campaign's remaining funds were assigned to a Foundation of the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV) to administer. Over the years, this initial capital was enlarged with additional donations in the form of gifts and bequests. The interest generated was used to finance grants and scholarships for education, research, student activities and special projects at the University.

In 1998, the AUV Foundation split up this central fund to form various smaller focused funds. The Foundation was subsequently renamed the Amsterdam University Fund in 2007, and its Articles of Association and structure amended accordingly. Besides managing the existing funds, the Amsterdam University Fund now also began to focus on actively raising funds as well.

Tax status

The Amsterdam University Fund is a non-profit organisation and classified as an institution within the meaning of Section 3:33 of the Income Tax Act 2001 (Wet inkomstenbelasting 2001). The foundation is not liable to pay corporation tax or VAT.

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has classified the University Fund as an institution for general public advancement (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI) under Section 24, paragraph 2 of the Inheritance Tax Act (Successiewet). The tax registration number is: 8072.09.259. The RSIN is: 8072.09.259.