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Alumni Network Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences alumni circle is for alumni who have followed the Biomedical Sciences, Medical Biology, or Biomedical Sciences study.

Alumni Circle Biomedical Sciences wants to promote and maintain contact between the members and between the members and the study programs.


The circle keeps its members informed of developments in the field via Facebook and LinkedIn pages and offers various activities including lectures, debates, and master classes.


The alumni circle was founded during the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the AUV on November 8, 2014. The opening speaker before the foundation was Hans Zaaijer with the lecture and discussion 'How safe should blood be?' where the main question was whether homosexuals should be allowed to donate blood.


Suzanne van Wouw Chair Woman
Sophie Blinker Secretary
Amber Meurs Treausres
Jayron Habibe General Member


The board can be reached by email