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AUV Alumni Award

Prize for talent

Many UvA alumni are socially engaged and work on inspiring projects. In order to bring their worthy work to the attention of a large audience, every year the UvA Alumni Association AUV awards the AUV Alumni Award at the AUV Day.

AUV alumni prise

Out of 31 submitted projects to which socially engaged UvA alumni are committed, the jury has nominated eight projects for the AUV Alumni Award.

The jury nominated these projects based on aspects such as originality, social relevance and impact, but also the future-proofness of the project and the extent to which the project needs encouragement.

The projects are carried out in various places: from Amsterdam to Honduras and Zimbabwe. The nominees pitch their project on the AUV day on Saturday 2 November.

The nominees are, in alphabetical order:

Ruud Goedknegt who, with the Barbarugo Foundation, is restoring nature on the Ghanaian savannah by planting bamboo. The project offers the unemployed a better future.

Erik van Halewijn provides through StudieHub students from Amsterdam with free homework support and learning techniques. The project connects the city with the university and reduces the inequality of opportunity.

Vivian Hemmelder and Rasila Hoek combine their own experiences as patients in the mental health care with their analytical skills. They develop concrete solutions to improve mental health services bit by bit.

Alexandra den Hond helps with Tight-Knit Syria female Syrian refugees to generate income with traditional handcraft. This promotes their independence and psychological well-being and reflects on their environment.

Stefano Levanto focuses with Meds4Kids on the development of affordable medicines for children with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

Antonia McGrath and Lisa van Holsteijn provide with Educate young people in Honduras with education and training. This give them the chance to improve their social position.

Renata Sagatauske uses the Miesto Laboratorija project to join sustainable urban ideas and environmentally-friendly initiatives through a green community education center, thereby contributing to a sustainable lifestyle for residents of Vilnius.

Jacqueline Tizora distributes bicycles through ZIMBO to the most vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe. With their bicycles they no longer depend on the public, they can stand up for themselves economically and socially.

Prize money

The AUV Alumni Award is a prize for UvA alumni who have made a unique contribution to society through a thought-provoking project. The winner is a source of inspiration to others and offers hope for the future.

The winners of the AUV Alumni Award will receive prize money which must be invested in their project. The first prize is 3,000 euros, the second prize is 2,000 euros and the third prize is 1,000 euros. Nominees can also win an audience award of 1,000 euros. The jury will nominate a maximum of ten projects which are eligible for a jury award and an audience award.  

Rules and Regulations


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