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AUV Alumni Award 2021: candidates wanted!

Reward for talent

Do you know (or are you) an alumnus who makes a special contribution to society? Then nominate him, her or yourself for the AUV Alumni Award 2021.

Incentive award

The AUV Alumni Award is an annual incentive award from the Amsterdam University Association for UvA alumni who make a special contribution to society through an appealing project. The winner is a source of inspiration for others and is considered a promise for the future. Thijs de Lange won the award in 2020.

The award includes cash prizes. The first prize is 3,000 euros, the second prize 2,000 euros and the third prize 1,000 euros. The public prize is 1,000 euros. The winner must invest the prize into the project they were nominated for. Candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. From the nominations, the jury selects a maximum of ten nominees who have a chance of winning the jury award and an award granted by the audience at the AUV Day on Saturday, 6 November 2021.

The deadline for submission has passed.

Previous winners

The past few years, the AUV Alumni Award has contributed to a large range of projects such as providing training to impoverished young people in Honduras (educate.), connecting volunteers to civil society organisations and companies (Deedmob) and improving the oral hygiene of children in Cape Town (Healthy Teeth Challenge).