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Alumni Association AUV

The University of Amsterdam Alumni Association AUV provides many benefits and services to its alumni members. Become a member to meet fellow alumni and to follow workshops and lectures. As a member you also receive discounts at university facilities and cultural partners in Amsterdam.

The UvA Alumni Association AUV is the university's official alumni association with over 9,100 members. It has a long history of traditions dating back to 1889. The Association welcomes alumni, students and current and retired staff members.  

AUV membership card 

Members receive an AUV card, providing access to various University and cultural facilities in Amsterdam. Moreover, AUV members can share knowledge and help each other on both a professional and personal level. Discover the benefits of a membership.


AUV alumni circles

AUV alumni circles are linked with specific study programmes or faculties and regularly organise meetings and activities in the Netherlands. There are four alumni circles that communicate in English, the others communicate in Dutch. 

Alumni circles for English speakers

List of all alumni circles

Most circles communicate in Dutch. View full list.

Start your own circle

If you’re interested in joining an AUV alumni circle but don’t see one for your degree programme, send us an email

Do you live outside the Netherlands?

For alumni living outside the Netherlands there are international alumni chapters. These chapters operate independently of the Alumni Association AUV. 


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  PO BOX 94325 
  1092 GH Amsterdam

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