Societal Complexity: policy making for changes

Interdisciplinary Master Class Methodology with Dorien DeTombe & Cor van Dijkum



The Methodology of Societal Complexity Course and the Compram Methodology provide insights into how to deal with complex societal problems, the theoretical basis of the methodology of societal complexity, and how to act when confronted by such a problem.

Terrorism, climate change and refugees are daily news in quality newspapers. These complex societal problems concern us all. How do we develop policy on these global problems? How do we change these problems? These problems can be handled more efficiently, transparently and better with the knowledge from the field of Methodology of Societal Complexity. Expert courses for policy makers and managers.

The course has a theoretical part consisting of four lectures of half a day and a more practical simulation part consisting of six lectures. The participants will have an active approach during the course including some preparation for each lecture, consisting of literature study and preparing one’s own complex societal problem. Each lecture takes three hours.

Dates     12 and 26 September, 10 and 31 October, 14 and 28 November, 12 December 2017, 02 and 16 and 30 January, 5 April 2018
Cost     € 1695.00 per person. 
  • Dorien DeTombe (2015) Handling Societal Complexity. A Study of the Theory and the Methodology Societal Complexity and the COMPRAM Methodology, Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer Verlag.  ISBN/EAN  978-3-662-43916-6; € 137.79. 
  • Syllabus Simulation by Cor van Dijkum. 
  • Stella Simulation software (for Windows 7 and higher).


University of  Amsterdam

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