AUV Day 2017

Saturday 4 November

The AUV Day is the annual members’ day of the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association AUV. The 2017 AUV Day will be held on Saturday 4 November. Admission is free for AUV members.

AUV-day in Auditorium

Credits: Monique Kooijmans

The program consists of an inspiring lecture by UvA alumni Frits Spangenberg and Monte Königs on how different generations deal with morality. In addition, a socially engaged alumnus will receive the AUV Alumni Award, and we will launch two new circles: the International Alumni Network Netherlands (IANN) and the Amsterdam Society for Medical Social Scientists (ASMSS). After the official programme there will be a reception.

The application ihas closed. If ypu want to participate you can register at the servicecounter in the Aula on the AUV-day.

Struggling with morality

UvA alumni Frits Spangenberg, founder of Motivaction, and Monte Königs show how different generations deal with morality. Different institutions get entangled in regulations, protocols and reporting requirements. Increasingly often, young people make pragmatic decisions and decisions based on social awareness. But is our present-day society ready for a morality that transcends these frameworks?

AUV Alumni Award

Many UvA alumni are socially engaged and work on inspiring projects. In order to bring their worthy work to the attention of a large audience, every year the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association awards the AUV Alumni Award.

The AUV Alumni Award is a prize for UvA alumni who have made a unique contribution to society through a thought-provoking project. The winner is a source of inspiration to others and offers hope for the future.

This year there are two awards: a jury award and an audience award.


13:15 Registration

Opening and lecture
Presentation nominees for AUV Alumni Award
Vote for audience award and meeting of the jury
Award ceremony

16:30 Reception
18:30 End

Published by  Bureau Alumnirelaties en Universiteitsfonds

31 October 2017