The AUV Day is the annual members’ day of the UvA Alumni Association AUV. This year the AUV Day will take place on Saturday 3 November. The AUV Day is presented in Dutch and will be live translated in English. Admission is free for AUV members.

You can subscribe on the day in the Aula.

It’s shaping up to be a great afternoon, starting with a joint lecture by Zef Hemel and Floor Milikowski about the challenges facing Amsterdam. Attend and vote for your favourite AUV Alumnus Award nominee and welcome the new circles of Art History (Kunstgeschiedenis), Dutch Studies (Neerlandistiek) and Public History (Publieksgeschiedenis).

Amsterdam: Global City against its will?

Amsterdam Global City

Credits: Dirk Gillissen)

Much has changed in the world since the American community and regional planner John Friedmann formulated his World City Hypothesis in 1986. Not only did the Berlin Wall fall, but communist China opened its doors – and then there was the emergence of the Internet midway through the 1990s. Amsterdam finds itself in the maelstrom of globalisation, which pulls it inexorably upwards. It is one of the approximately one hundred Global Cities that, in connected networks, determine the future of the world. Amsterdam must act, says Zef Hemel. But does it?

According to Floor Milikowski, Amsterdam is increasingly experiencing the other side of success. The cost of housing is increasing, affordable homes are becoming scarcer, and as a result, people with low and middle incomes are being forced to leave the city. Amsterdam is on the verge of losing its characteristic blend of incomes, cultures and household types. Further growth will only serve to exacerbate this process, unless a conscious choice is made to follow a different course.

Award for socially active alumnus

Which socially active alumnus will win the AUV Alumni Award this year? The AUV Alumni Award is a prize for UvA alumni who have made a unique contribution to society through a thought-provoking project. The winner is an inspiration to others and  a promise for the future. In addition to a jury award, there is also an audience award.

In recent years, the AUV Alumnus Award has supported a variety of projects, such as the improvement of oral hygiene among children in Cape Town, a programme to appoint refugees as teachers, and a mobile open-air cinema that uses solar power. The nominees will be announced in mid-October.


13:15 Doors open
14:00 Lectures and award ceremony
Launch of alumni circles of Art History (Kunstgeschiedenis), Dutch Studies (Neerlandistiek) and Public History (Publieksgeschiedenis). 
16:30 Drinks
18:30 End



The programme will take place in the Aula (Singel 411, Amsterdam).

Drinks will be available afterwards in the Maagdenhuis (Spui 21, Amsterdam).

General members’ assembly

Prior to the programme, a general members’ assembly will be held to appoint board members. More information about this can be found online from 9 October.

Published by  Bureau Alumnirelaties en Universiteitsfonds

30 October 2018